Diamond Tools


Recommendations on Application

When working with tools, general safety requirements should be followed:

  • Wheels must be mounted on a mandrel or on the flanges and they should not be taken off till their fully wear and tear.
  • Tool should be carefully prepared for the work and properly fixed on the spindle of the machine tool, precise norms of which are in confirmation with the requirements of the diamond machining equipments.
  • Working surface of the whell should be open.
  • Wheels on metal bond should be used with coolant, beside the wheels that are intended for dry cutting.

  • Note!

    Diamond tools given in the present catalogue are manufactured according to the State Standards (GOST) approved by interstate Council of CIS countries of standardization, Metrology and certification. Company can manufacture diamond tools on Metal and Bakellite bonds from synthetic and natural diamond powders by special orders and technical requirements of user, which are not included in the present catalogue.

    Rational Technological Regimes of Work of Diamond Profiled Wheels

    Peripheral cutting speed, m/s:

  • on granite: 25-30
  • on marble: 40-50
  • Cutting feed rate, m/min:

  • on granite: 0.5-0.6
  • on marble: 0.75-0.9
  • Consumption of coolant l/min: 10-12


    Wheels are manufactured by relative concentration of 25%; 35%; 50%; 65%; 75%; 100%; 150% (manufacturing of wheels of different relative concentration is posibble on request). 100% cocentration means 4,4 carats of diamond powder in 1cm³ diamond contained layer of tool.

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