Diamond Grinding Head 1A1W


Inner grinding of cylindrical surfaces.

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D T L D1
8 10 60 3
10 10 60 6
12 12 80 6
16 20 80 8
20 20 80 8

Relative concentration of diamonds in diamond grinding wheels on bakelite bond are mentioned:

C2-50%; C3-75%; C4-100%, C5-125%; C6-150%.

Order Example 1A1W 10x10x60x6 D91 B C4
Main Symbols
Diamond Cutting Tools Relative Concentration
Diamond Cutting Tools Metal Bond
Diamond Cutting Tools Bakelite Bond
Diamond Cutting Tools Process with Cooling

Symbols of sizes
D, D1 Diameter, mm
H Tool bore, mm
T Height, mm
X Thickness of diamond layer, mm
W, U Width of diamond layer, mm
R Radius, mm
L Length, mm
H Tapped hole, mm
E Body Thickness, mm
S Glass Thickness, mm
N Quantity of segments, pcs