Plates from diamond contained rolling


Plates are produced from non-deforming rolling and are used for grinding and finishing of holes in the parts made of steel, cast iron and non-metal materials. Diamond grinding synthetic and micro powders are used in the production of diamond contained Rolling. Coolant of any type is used during machining.

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nominal [mm]
nominal [mm]
nominal [mm]
100 100 0.4
100 100 0.8
100 100 1.6
100 100 2.4
100 100 3.2

Order Example Plate 100x100x0.8 D91 M C100
Main Symbols
Diamond Cutting Tools Relative Concentration
Diamond Cutting Tools Metal Bond
Diamond Cutting Tools Bakelite Bond
Diamond Cutting Tools Process with Cooling

Symbols of sizes
D, D1 Diameter, mm
H Tool bore, mm
T Height, mm
X Thickness of diamond layer, mm
W, U Width of diamond layer, mm
R Radius, mm
L Length, mm
H Tapped hole, mm
E Body Thickness, mm
S Glass Thickness, mm
N Quantity of segments, pcs