Diamond Pastes


Diamond Pastes are intended for grinding, polishing and finishing of metals, hard alloys and non-metallic materials.

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Recommended sphere of application Grit size Mass portion,% Color
N [normal] E [enhanced] H [high]

Polishing and finishing of various materials [steel, alloys, non-ferrous metal, non-metal materials].

Parameter of roughness of work piece surface Ra=[0.32 - 0.050] mcm

40/28 8 20 --
28/20 6 15 30 Blue
20/14 6 15 30
14/10 6 15 30
10/7 4 10 20 Green
7/5 4 10 20

Polishing and finishing of metals, alloys and non-metal materials.

Parameter of roughness of work piece surface Ra=[0.25 - 0.020] mcm

3/2 2 5 10 Yellow
2/1 2 5 10
1/0 2 5 10
Washability of diamond pastes
Washable by water W
Washable by organic dissolvent O
Washable by water andorganic dissolvent WO
Example of conventional designation of pastes from synthetic diamond powders of mark ACM
Grit size 7.5
With normal mass portion of diamond N
Washable by water W
Greaze consistency G

Order Example Diamond Paste ACM 7/5 NWG
Main Symbols
Diamond Cutting Tools Relative Concentration
Diamond Cutting Tools Metal Bond
Diamond Cutting Tools Bakelite Bond
Diamond Cutting Tools Process with Cooling

Symbols of sizes
D, D1 Diameter, mm
H Tool bore, mm
T Height, mm
X Thickness of diamond layer, mm
W, U Width of diamond layer, mm
R Radius, mm
L Length, mm
H Tapped hole, mm
E Body Thickness, mm
S Glass Thickness, mm
N Quantity of segments, pcs