Diamond Straight Single-end Tools


Manual machining of parts made of hard alloys and hardened steels, machining of glass edges and other non-metallic materials.

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Modification Description Type Dimensions
Grit size at machining
L I D rough semi-finish finish
1 2826-0003 01 160 80 3.5 160/125 100/80 63/50
2 2827-0008 04
2827-0026 06
2828-0008 07
2828-0017 08
2828-0026 10

Order Example Single-end Plane 1 2826-0003 D91
Main Symbols
Diamond Cutting Tools Relative Concentration
Diamond Cutting Tools Metal Bond
Diamond Cutting Tools Bakelite Bond
Diamond Cutting Tools Process with Cooling

Symbols of sizes
D, D1 Diameter, mm
H Tool bore, mm
T Height, mm
X Thickness of diamond layer, mm
W, U Width of diamond layer, mm
R Radius, mm
L Length, mm
H Tapped hole, mm
E Body Thickness, mm
S Glass Thickness, mm
N Quantity of segments, pcs