Segments for Shaped Mills and Tubular Drills


Segments are produced for machining of hard, low-hard and both high and low abrasive rocks of average and low durability. Briquettes are made of synthetic and natural diamond powders.

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R36 6 7
R30 6 7
R39 6 7
R69 6 7
R59 6 7

Order Example Shaped mills R30x6x7 D301 M C50
Main Symbols
Diamond Cutting Tools Relative Concentration
Diamond Cutting Tools Metal Bond
Diamond Cutting Tools Bakelite Bond
Diamond Cutting Tools Process with Cooling

Symbols of sizes
D, D1 Diameter, mm
H Tool bore, mm
T Height, mm
X Thickness of diamond layer, mm
W, U Width of diamond layer, mm
R Radius, mm
L Length, mm
H Tapped hole, mm
E Body Thickness, mm
S Glass Thickness, mm
N Quantity of segments, pcs